Collins and Luke: 12 Days Old | Newborn Twins Portrait Session in Baton Rouge, LA

Double the babies means I get to share double the amount of pictures, right!? Well….it’s my blog so I get to do what I want. 😉  I always get SO excited when I have TWO babies come to the studio and these two couldn’t have been any better for me! *sigh* After we gave sister a little snack, they were both good to go and perfect little babies for me! Collins and Luke’s mama gave me somewhat free reign over what I could do with them so I had lots of cute little setups ready to go. With boy/girl twins, I like to do a lot of neutrals mixed with some traditional boy/girl colors and I just love how their whole session flowed together. Both babies gave me sweet little expressions throughout and seemed to settle the most when they were laying right next to each other. Toward the end of the session Luke was starting to wake up/fuss a little bit and as soon as I laid Collins down next to him, he calmed right down and went back to sleep. <3

Now….let’s talk about the sibling portion of this session. Mom told me that she really wanted a picture of the babies with their older siblings. Their FOUR older siblings. Under 5 years old. I admit…..I panicked a little bit. But, you guys, they were the BEST behaved little ones I’ve ever met! And they did awesome!!! They all followed instructions and listened to directions (with a little Happy Meal bribery, of course) and took the most adorable pictures with their brand new babies. Mom and Dad – you guys are rockstar parents and should be extremely proud of the little ones you are raising so wonderfully (and yourselves)!

Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorites from these sweet twins…